A Kiss Changes Everything

*** Based on true events. Identities have been changed to protect privacy. ***

We went down the hallway to my bedroom door. Taking the love of my life by the hand, I opened the door and dragged him inside. My old childhood quarters was a mess, but the one thing on my mind kept me from caring. On the single, dirty, sheet-less mattress, Caleb and I made love… and it was all wrong. Then my lover was gone. I don’t remember what had happened, but I found myself stumbling out of the room — suddenly very aware of not only the state of said room, but the entire house as well. It was filthy, embarrassing. Not only that, the state of the household was suddenly in a fit of chaos for the countless time — everyone fighting, yelling, raising Hell. I remembered why I had stopped coming here…

I hurried though the living room to the connecting kitchen, where I saw my mother, standing alone. “Where did Caleb go?” I remember asking her. I also remember the picture of her face, one that I won’t forget. It was twisted into an image of pain, shame, hopelessness, soaked in tears. She simply said, “He probably got a ride out of here,” or something to that effect. She barely got the words out before she began to weep. It killed me to see her like that, but there was nothing I could do… Nothing.

I became desperate. Where the hell was Caleb?? I went outside and, not seeing him on the porch, began to hurry down the stairs. Mind you, my family was scattered about, I was just trying to ignore them. Halfway down the stairs, however, my efforts were proven in vain, for I ran into my uncle James... SO, the asshole’s here, I remember thinking.

I blacked out, and suddenly ended up back in the hallway. Vague memories of fighting clung to my mind, upsetting me for reasons I didn’t understand. There my dad stood, making it a point to block me from passing by. I wasn’t listening to what he was saying, for I  had already snapped. I knew what it was all about, anyway: making amends with my uncle. We ended up getting physical — for some reason, I wanted to pour his beer on him. Why? Out of the defiance, contempt, and resentment that I held in my heart. I fought father dear hard for control over the can, and somehow, ended up gaining the upper hand. Dumping it all over the old man, I remember him standing there sadly, taking it. I didn’t feel any remorse over it.

Storming up the hallway, which lead back into the living room, I ran into uncle James. Per usual, I brushed past without a word. Fuck that guy! I don’t remember much more before I finally woke up, other than the last thought going through my head. Where is Caleb? Why did he leave me here, to fend for myself, and… Why?

I don’t know what woke me up. The only thing I know is that I opened my eyes to a new world. It was dead quiet, other than the sound of a fan blowing nearby. There Caleb was, lay next to me. He was dead asleep, but looked so peaceful. His mouth was closed. I stared for a few moments at his facial features, saying to myself: This man is the only certainty I have left. Then I rolled to my other side to get more comfortable. Once I did that, I felt his arm come around my middle underneath the covers. He kissed my shoulder, then my neck. This wasn’t a dream. It was real.

Later, sitting on the couch, I was lost in my thoughts, stuck in my own head. Then Caleb came in. He had been outside working on his truck. A sense of unexplainable feelings shot through my veins at the sight of him, for I hadn’t seen him all day. He came straight over to me and bent down for a kiss. Expecting just a peck, I instead received a longer, more passionate, yet gentle touch from my boyfriend’s lips. He doesn’t know it, but it had been just what I needed. Even for a moment, the simple gesture wiped my head clean, to where I only thought of the love and care I have for him, and nothing more.

A kiss can change everything if the one you love means it.






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