Why Can’t I Keep Friends?



The first thought that comes to mind: That’s the opposite of infinite, isn’t it?

The next thought:  **After confirming the first thought**  Obviously, life itself is finite. But what ABOUT life makes it that way, other than what limited time we have on Earth to experience it?

I can only speak for myself  when I say that, sadly enough, friends are.

All my life, nearly every friend I’ve ever met has been real. That is, real in the sense that they were genuine in nature, and treated me well. They left impressions on my mind, memories I care about and will never let go of.  I guess that’s what made it hurt as much as it had once they eventually stopped speaking to me. Every single time, I’ve never understood why.


I suppose that I seem a bit too pathetic so far. Admittedly, I’m concerned about my ability to maintain long-term relationships, when thinking of all those who have gone…

To save the burden of my sob story — which is also somewhat embarrassing — I’ll skip to the most recent experience…

It was November of Last year, and she was actually more of a pen pal. We had been messaging each other every day before that point, ever since meeting online during my senior year in high school. It did feel like a close friendship, even though we would never meet in person. On the day she officially quit all communications with me — and I mean literally all, from texting, to social media, to emails — she at least had the decency to provide me with a reason for her sudden decision. Supposedly, our relationship had become stale.  Funny, how it had been a simple difference in opinion that had really caused our downward spiral…

A little later that month, I started my new job, where, on the very first day of training, I met the people who I now call my work family — Robert, Jessica, and Latrica.  There’s also Christina, who we met in January and has now joined the family.  Soon this month, our tight-knit group will be celebrating Latrica’s forty-ninth birthday. If these individuals have taught me one thing, it’s that the present is what matters. Don’t dwell on the past, or fear the future.

I hope to keep these people in my life. I know that hope does not guarantee that. Friendships aren’t infinite.  Maybe, though… Just maybe… I can get it right this time.


5 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Keep Friends?

    1. I agree, there are perhaps a lot of people we end up meeting throughout our lives who were only meant to be there for a short time. I guess I’m trying to find the ones who were meant to stay…
      Thanks so much for the peace of mind!


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